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Vacuum emulsifying Mixer homogenizer machine(Hydraulic type)

MZH Vacuum Homogenizing & Emulsifying Machine is indispensable equipment to paste, honey. It is very useful experiment tool in cosmetic factory with complete function and high quality. Specification: 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L. Type: Hydraulic lifting Pneumatic lifting.

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Products Description
Vacuum emulsifying Mixer homogenizer machine(Hydraulic type) 

Customized And OEM Service Available

Vacuum Emulsifying mixer

MZH-200LVacuum Emulsifying Mixer



Technical parameters

Main brand


Main pot

◆Design volume:200L   Working volume:220L



Material &Thickness

◆Inner Layer:3mm (Mirror: 400MESH)


◆Middle Layer:3mm;

SUS 304-2B

◆Cotton insulation is expanded perlite


◆Out Layer:2mm (Mirror:300MESH)

SUS 304-2B


Technical Hole

1.◆Lid with scraper endoscopic hole, feeding hole, Mirror light hole,Vacuum holes, Pressure date, Spices add hole,Reserve hole.


◆Pot Bottom: Discharge hole, Temperature detection hole.



Stirring Way

◆Anchor agitator stirring scraper


◆Scraping bladePTFEmaterial, snapping stirring the pot wall, so the material does not stick pot wall mixed.

Japan Sumitomo

◆There are two sets of stirring shaft mixing system, forward and reverse mixing, the mixing process can be up and down, left and right roll.Bearing brand NSK.

◆Bidirection blending,BothScrapingandMiddle agitator  

  with inverter

Japan NSK

◆Bottom temperature probe bulb to 20mm can accurately measure the temperature of the material.Temperature Sensor.

Japan Omron

◆Up-mixing Motor:1.5KW;


◆Up-mixingFrequency control: 0~63r/min




◆Homogenizer as SUS 316L solid stainless steel material, by laser machining process from several species such as helical vane cavity structure and the special work in strict accordance with Japan beauty he company to produce high precision, strong shear.

◆Homogeneus on the bottom with inverter, and the seal must 

  be flushed by water

Japan Technology

◆Homogenizer Motor :3KW


◆Homogenizer Inverter: 0-3040r/min




◆Dharma Bluesealed with silicone rubber O-ring


◆Homogenizer using the world famous German high-speedMchanical seal

China brand

◆Kettle with stirring using mechanical seal.



Heating way

◆Steam heating, Water test pressure 0.4Mpa,working Pressure<0.09Mpa



Discharge way

◆1.Vacuum pressure bottom valve discharge

2. Handle wheel pour.


◆Can through Variety pump or Pressure pump discharge.



Vacuum System

◆Using water ringvacuum pump to avoid pump inhale oil, foam etc., causing blockage.

China famous brand Zibo

◆Vacuum pump Motor:0.75KW


◆Vacuum suction tube is304-2B connected.


◆Water consumption of vacuum pump 68L/min



Electric Box

◆Electrical control box for the SUS304-2B, Appearance of sand board.


◆Control procedures for manual push-button, easy to operate.


◆Main Eectric elements of world brand; Button by Japan Fuji,  Schneider or Omron for Meter and Sensor. One the control panel should be able to adjust and display the stirring speed, The pot temperature, The Temperature of the upper and lower limits control, Emulsification time and slow mixing time settings and other functions.



Net weight

◆350kg(Only for standard equipment)





GMP Standard

◆Noplatform,no oil and water pot,all the stainless steel contact with material is SUS316L stainless steel. Another place isSUS304-2B.



Oil pot

Working volume:100L


◆Inner Layer:3mm (Polishing: 400MESH)

  Middle Layer:3mm;Out Layer:2mm (Polishing:400MESH)



  Inverter JapanPanasonic0-900RPM;


◆Temperature Sensor.

Japan Omron

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